Save Barbie Dolls of the World Princess of Japan

This is the first American toy company who didn't make the kimono look like a T'ang period Chinese dress. In which many American Companies do in which shows their lack of education in that department. This kimono is actually a kimono. Different kimono are classified by the type of sleeve on it. In this case this kimono is called a "furisode" (furi- blowing/flowing sode- sleeve) that is still worn by unwed girls/young women today for formal functions. Now since she is going to a public garden and wearing furisode. That means it's New Years or to view the blossoming of cherry or plum blossoms at the beginning of Spring. In which is a formal event. Only during the Meiji Period that the women of the Imperial Family wore Junihitoe on a daily basis. Only time the junihitoe is worn today is during the coronation of a new emperor or the wedding of the emperor or crown prince.Get more detail about Barbie Dolls of the World Princess of Japan.

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