Barbie My Favorite Time Capsule 1967 Twist N' Turn

Out of all 6 of the "My Favourite Barbie" series, the 1967 Twist 'N' Turn Barbie is one of three that are nicely appointed. From the detail of her face paint, the swimsuit, and the 1968 "Zokki!" fashion really make this a nice collector doll in the series. The "Zokki!" fashion doesn't look that great in pictures, but when you see the outfit in the box with the doll, it really pops! The only downside to this doll is that the arms and twist 'n' turn waist move freely, and don't have the tightness that the original Barbies of the '60s & '70s had. However, the legs joined at the hips are tight and the legs click nicely into different positions. As I mentioned earlier, the 1967 is one of three that are nicely put together. The other 2 that I would recommend are the 1959 Barbie, and the 1986 Barbie and the Rockers doll. The worst one of the 6 is the 1971 Malibu Barbie, her head looks compressed at the sides, the arms span out when at her side, which wasn't the way the original was, and her legs look very skinny, making her torso look top heavy. The 1962 Barbie looks more like she has a bad case of bun-head, and not the bubble cut from the early '60s. Finally, the 1977 Superstar Barbie looks different from what I remember. On the repro, her forehead looks too big and the pink dress she is wearing is very baggy, and not form fitting in the chest area. With all the positives and negatives, it's nice to see the Barbies from the different eras represented. One thing is for sure, the 1967 TNT will not disappoint adult collectors.Get more detail about Barbie My Favorite Time Capsule 1967 Twist N' Turn.

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