Buy BARBIE Collector Pink Label Barbie 2008

This is an OK doll, but just OK... honestly, how special can another Barbie doll in pink really be? I guess if you're new to collecting something like this might rock your world, but it's such a cliche at this point, and with Barbie struggling for survival, I don't understand why they keep going back to ideas like this...

Designer: "Look, Executive! Another Barbie in pink!"

Executive: "Good Designer! Good boy!" Pets Designer and gives him doggie training treat...

I wouldn't have bought this if it hadn't been on sale. I mean, there's plenty else to pick from, and for the price the skirt fabric is awfully stiff. She has nice earrings... and yes, she has panties, but who spends all their time looking up a doll's skirt anyway? The drive by media loves to make an issue out of Barbie and underwear from time to time, but other than that, you'll forget she came with underwear whether you leave her NRFB, or you take her out to re-dress.

Ah well... in the end it comes down to whether or not this is your taste. If it is, you'll probably enjoy it. She makes a nice addition to my fantasy display, but otherwise I'm pretty blah on this one, and I think a lot of other people will be as well.Get more detail about BARBIE Collector Pink Label Barbie 2008.

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