Happy Birthday Barbie Doll with Pastel Rainbow Dress Get it now!

I finally received the H.B. barbie doll. I got it for my sister's 70th birthday. Her name is Barbi and I periodically get her one for her birthday. This was the year to get her a special one. I found this one
online and when I received it today the outside box was in great condition but the box that barbie is in was smashed a little and the price on the front said 19.99. Not that bad except the fact I paid 35.00 for it. They charged me 10.00 to post it to me and the stamp said 6.85.
So I paid 45.00. If you add 19.99 and 6.85 rounded off is 27. I understand wanting to make a little on it ofcourse. But you nearly got double. Even 3 bucks on the postage of all things. Can't explain that
except stealing. So for the product inside the box it looks ok but the
hair is different than the one they showed in the picture. I know who I won't be dealing with in the future. Debbie
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