July Birthstone Barbie Best Quality

My daughters have started a doll collection, and they are in love with these Birthstone Barbies. July is no exception. She is indeed a lovely doll. Her dress is well-made, and unlike some of the collector dolls in this price range, it is actually removable with snaps (not basted on). Her outfit is actually a strappy dress with a shrug, which I find is a nice detailed touch, especially for the price. The beaded jewelry is also pretty, and the girls think it's what makes the doll.

Both girls are more cat fans than dog fans, so they can take or leave the dog, but I personally think the pet dog is rather cute.

My main complaint with this doll (and the others we have in this line) is that when you remove the doll from her box, no matter how careful you are, the back of her hair is always a mess. The front looks great! But the back just looks awful, like a rat's nest. I think Mattel could really package their collector dolls a bit better.

Also, for you moms out there--this doll is on the Model Muse body, which is very thin, and her knees do not bend. She is a collector doll, and isn't really suited for play. She can't sit down in a chair and bend her knees, for example.Get more detail about July Birthstone Barbie.

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