Buy Barbie and the Diamond Castle Princess Alexa Doll

We bought the doll for our granddaughter's fifth birthday. She saw it on TV and really wanted it, but when she opened her present she was very disappointed to find that the doll did not light up and sing like the one on TV. The product description stated: "They sing songs from the movie, and when they hold hands they'll sing a delightful duet."

When I contacted the seller they said "I have asked 3 other sellers of the product and they have confirmed that they are selling the same Alexa doll version that I listed and sold. I have faithfully listed the product knowing that it matched the product image and the UPC code. I have no control over any of the product description that may have been added or updated by the manufacturer."

Obviously, whether the manufacturer changed the product or provided the wrong product description to Amazon, I received a product that was inferior to the one that was advertised by, and am not happy about it. Our granddaughter has been playing with the doll and the packaging has been discarded, and their mother does not want to go to the trouble and cost of sending it back, so I guess that is the end of that, but this is the first time that Amazon has let me down.Get more detail about Barbie and the Diamond Castle Princess Alexa Doll.

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