Barbie Fairytopia Purple Fairy Doll Decide Now

We bought this for our daughter because the price was reasonable and the cool hair color caught her eye, however within 10 minutes of playing with her, the wings broke off her back. They are not removable wings and the result of the wings breaking off was a sharp plastic barb sticking out it's back. We thought it was a fluke, so we went back to the store and tried to pick up a new one. They had sold out of the blue ones, so we ended up getting a pink one. To our surprise, the wings broke off the next day with the same post "barb" sticking out of her back. Needless to say, she does not play with this doll any more. Oh - and it's dissapointing to me that most of the new Barbie dolls don't come with removable outfits. This doll only has a cheep tutu. The rest is painted on. I don't even remember it having any shoes! Just wanted to let everyone know...Get more detail about Barbie Fairytopia Purple Fairy Doll.

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