Low Price Barbie Pink World House

I bought this doll house for my little sister because she wanted one for Christmas. I knew I was not going to pay $200 for a large and fancy Barbie doll house so I went looking for a cheaper alternative. My husband actually found this for me online and I thought it was great! The price was better then I expected for a brand-new doll house and all the accessories. It came in and my little sister loved it. It is brightly colored and it brings a lot of decorating items. It is a great size for playing and also for putting it away. It is a little flimsy, the doors seems to pop off easily but they can quickly be put back in place, and there are a lot of tiny little pieces (such as Barbie sized cups, food, furniture, etc) but as long as the child is old enough to understand that they should NEVER put them in their mouth they should be fine. It is quite long so when rearranging you have to be careful not to topple the whole thing over. The rooms in the doll house are so adorable! There is a bathroom section, kitchen section, and living space section and it is just too pretty. Anyone looking for a doll house that is a good price and wont take up a lot of storage space should definitely consider this doll house.Get more detail about Barbie Pink World House.

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