Barbra Streisand Barbie Doll Order Now

I can't believe that Mattel actually made a "Barbra Streisand" doll! I always wanted one and wished they would long ago and here it is.

The doll is a beautiful replica of Barbra in the 60s with the bobbed hair-do in light brown with tiny blonde streaks, sailor blouse and long black skirt (with thigh high slit in the back), black sling-back pumps and lace/fishnet stockings. She also comes with an old fashioned microphone on its stand.

The doll's makeup is spot on with the "Cleopatra" eyeliner and the beige-pink lipstick that matches its nail polish. And that famous Streisand nose is there, too.

She stands with one hand on her hip and the other grasping the microphone stand, and the doll has that sly smile on her face.

According to the box, the doll also comes with doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Since I'm keeping my Barbra doll in the unopened box, I can't verify if the doll stand is in there but I'm sure it is.

On the back of the doll box there's a picture of Streisand in the same outfit that the doll is wearing along with a description of the superstar and where she wore this particular outfit.

I'm sure this doll will make a great gift to any Barbra Streisand/Barbie fan out there!

Hopefully Mattel will do more "Barbra" dolls especially with her 70s look and style, like she had in What's Up, Doc?.

I posted some pictures on the top so check them out.Get more detail about Barbra Streisand Barbie Doll.

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