Barbie and Kelly Pink Holiday Fashion Doll Play Set Decide Now

I took a walk through the Walmart toy department today and found this set for under $20. Of all the sets offered, this one appealed to me the most. In my opinion, this Barbie was nicer than the more expensive "collector" Barbie in the fancy dress for more than twice the money.

Some of the Barbie Dolls I looked at had so much eye "make-up" painted on they appeared to have black eyes. The eyes on this Barbie were acceptable. Both Barbie and Kelly have the same shade of blue eyes.

The inclusion of Kelly is a nice addition to this set. The Kelly doll is the reason I chose this set over any of the others or over choosing a single Barbie doll. (There were single Barbies available in fancy dresses in the same price range.)

My youngest granddaughter has several of the Barbie DVDs featuring both Barbie and Kelly. Kelly is on at least three of the Barbie DVDs--The Nutcracker, Rapunzel and Swan Lake. These DVDs are available at Target for $5 each. This Barbie/Kelly set would pair nicely with one (or all) of these DVDs to make a nice Christmas gift in the $25-$35 range. If you had to choose only one DVD, I recommend the Nutcracker (especially for Christmas gifting), Rapunzel and then Swan Lake in that order.

There are two drawbacks for this set: The blond hair on the Barbie has not been curled or groomed as well as the hair on some of the more expensive Barbies. However, given the state of Barbie hair I have seen on a number of well loved Barbies, the hairdo probably won't make a difference. The second drawback is that the set features contemporary outfits rather than "Princess" dresses. But, the pink and shiney outfits have their own appeal and Kelly's fish net stockings are adorable.

This set would make any little girls eyes light up.

If a "Princess" dress is desired, there are other Barbies that come with fancy frocks or you could buy or sew an additional outfit for this Barbie.

Note: I didn't see an individual Kelly doll at our local Walmart--this set was the only way to obtain her. I did notice some sets on Amazon that had four "Kelly" dolls.

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