Cheapest Barbie My Favorite Time Capsule 1986 Rockers doll

Even though the 1986 Barbie & The Rockers doll was beyond my time, I remember it selling very well at Christmas time when I worked at Consumers Distributing back in the late '80s. Out of all 6 "My Favourite Barbies", it seemed that Mattel saved the best doll for last in the production. The neon colours of her clothes really pop-out at you and can probably be seen for miles! The clothing fits nicely, and it looks like a lot of care was put into recreating this Barbie from the mid-'80s. The outfit enclosed looks great too, with the shoulder-padded bolero jacket, pink mini-dress, and those rockin' thigh high boots! Included are trivia cards, a booklet showing the fashions of the era, and a stand to display the doll. Overall, it's a nicely packaged Barbie from the '80s and will not disappoint adult Barbie doll collectors from any era!Get more detail about Barbie My Favorite Time Capsule 1986 Rockers doll.

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