Discount Mattel Barbie Island Princess Magical Castle Vanity

My daughter wanted a dollhouse SO bad. She already had her big sis's hand me down dollhouse that had seen better days, but never played with it. I figured that every girl needs her own beautiful new dollhouse so I decided to buy her one of her own. I searched for months. My daughter loves to dress up and play in makeup. So, when I saw this one, I immediately felt this was the perfect one for her. I bought the movie and dolls that go with this dollhouse, to add to grandeur and theme of it all. It was so beautiful and was such a wonderful concept.

She loved it at first. She carried the seat everywhere and liked hiding stuff in it. She also loved the little drawer to put stuff in. It wasn't long though that the palm trees were broken, the stairs were falling off the revolving door dohickey was falling off and well my daughter lost patience and interest in it. I ended up having to donate it after a year, because my daughter NEVER played with it. Now my hubby is making her a wooden one for Christmas. I am so done with expensive plastic stuff that just breaks and falls apart. A child should be able to enjoy their toys. Get more detail about Mattel Barbie Island Princess Magical Castle Vanity.

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