Cheapest Mattel Enchanted Evening Barbie Doll

This is a stunning reproduction of "Enchanted Evening" (cat. #983), Barbie's most romantic, delicate ballgown from her early years. It's presented on a repro of the 1960 'Ponytail' Barbie doll (aka Barbie #3); and was released in dual editions of blonde and brunette--I own the blonde version, which I think sets off the colour of the gown more effectively.

"Enchanted Evening" is a strapless gown made of frosty pink satin, cinched tightly at the waist by a pink rosebud, with a long train which is meant to drape around the front of the dress. A white faux-fur stole, three-strand pearl necklace, and a pair of white opera-length gloves provide the perfect finishing touch. Barbie also wears a pair of glittery mule pumps, so she can dance the night away!

The "Enchanted Evening" repro was released by Mattel in 1997, and (thanks to a large production run) can still be found for very reasonable prices on the secondary market. Next year, Barbie Collector will reissue the ensemble again, as the bonus fashion for a repro of the 1962 brunette 'Bubblecut' doll. Get more detail about Mattel Enchanted Evening Barbie Doll.

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