The Wizard of Oz Friends: Tin Man Doll Buy Now

I am a big fan of the Wizzard of Oz. My granddaughter fell in love with the movie at age 2, she is now 10. Although I am not a doll collector, I decided to purchase some of the Wizzard of Oz dolls. I couldn't find anything regarding the Wizard of Oz until I discovered these dolls. They are fantastic. I have purchased them all except the Wicked Witch (for some reason she is quite spendy).
When the doll(s) arrived they where even better than they looked online.

I gave Dorothy to my granddaughter for her birthday, she loved it. I can't comment on the educational value or the durability, as my granddaughter has displayed her doll, she doesn't really give it a workout in playing. The doll is beautiful, I was really impressed, it is wonderfully detailed. I am very satisfied with my purchase and so is my granddaughter.

Gaia, Princeton Mn.Get more detail about The Wizard of Oz Friends: Tin Man Doll.

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