Low Price Barbie Top Model Resort Teresa

Top Model Resort Teresa is a gorgeous addition to the "Resort Line". Growing up on Barbie, the blonde was always so gorgeous in my young mind. I love the fact that they make the Top Model Line in not only blonde Barbie, but red head Summer and brunette Teresa.

Her look is very exotic and mysterious! In my opinion her eyes really put the whole look together. The outfits provided are very sleek and sexy (model-like) and of better quality than the norm. I originally purchased these dolls for my daughters but I wish I had just put them on display so they could be appreciated from a distance. Their outfits, shoes and looks shouldn't be tampered with by 5 and 6 year old little hands. Not to mention the occasionaly 2.5 year old boy!

Highly recommend; especially for the purpose of collecting. The stand included is a wonderful addition to put your model on display.Get more detail about Barbie Top Model Resort Teresa.

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