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For those who are unaware, this is the second time Mattel has released a Kelly Friends of the World. The first set was all Kelly dolls: Holland- stereotypical "wooden" shoes, blonde braids & "milk-maid" outfit & watering can; Spain in a satiny pink w/black polka dots & lace flamenco dress w/ a pretty handheld "fan" and a fancy hairpiece- and "gold" pierced earrings); and Kenya- a very dark skin tone African Kelly with "flocked" hair (like old GI Joe), red pieced earrings, "native" dress with little black sandals (rubber-banded to the feet so as to not get lost) and plastic colorful circles around the neck... and a kitty with a "fur" rough around the neck! The Kenyan Kelly is very similar to the original Dolls of the World Kenyan Barbie.
This second series of the Kelly Friends of the World brings back 2 of the original dolls in new (but similar) outfits, and one BOY doll (!) in a totally new outfit. The two "same" dolls are: Dutch doll (again, in stereotypical "milk-maid" outfit with wooden shoes & light blonde braids- but no extra accessory {the watering can}), the Spanish doll in what the box describes as a Flamenco outfit, but is more like just a party outfit (3 tier red & white polka dots with black trim dress, a satin red shawl with flowers & fringe, and a red flower stuck in the hair- which is flat, not "poofy" like in the photos). She does not come with any extra accessories, either (no fan or fancy hairpiece). The little boy (or girl with REALLY short hair), is a great addition to the series. Since the second series will have friends from specific locations (this one is European theme), I'm hope we'll see a new incarnation of our little Kenya friend. For now, we have Scotland. The outfit consists of the traditional kilt in a green & red tartan, a white undershirt, green vest with golden trim, a black traditional jacket with the same golden trim, a green & red tartan sash & a green hat with a red ball on top of it. The hair is very short (like a boy's hair cut), and not as "poofy" as shown in the photos. The bangs are a little wild. The skin of the body is VERY pale (even paler than the face); the smile is a "no teeth" smile (a nice change), and the freckles are just too darned cute!!
The one "new" thing that I noticed about these dolls is that the left hand on each is in a different position than regular Kelly dolls. It's as if the wrist is flexed upwards, like you'd do when showing a ring to someone.
Over all, it's a really cute set- but I'm glad I got it on sale since there aren't any accessories like the first series set had (the fan, the watering-can, the kitty).
I hope this helps you in making your decision on whether or not to buy this set :D
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