Lowest Price Barbie Mariposa Queen Doll Exclusive

This is why I like Toys R Us. Their prices may be a little high sometimes but they get all the special toys. I got Marabella there for $20. I guess I had good timing. Personally I think the Queen is my favorite of the Mariposa series Barbies. Her dress is beautiful (though the little butterfly wing apron on the sides tends to flip up) and she has a very elaborate hairstyle. She also comes with purple shoes which Rayna, Rayla, and Willa do not. I'm not entirely sure if her wings are supposed to come off but I'd prefer they didn't anyway. The removeable wings tend to pop off all by themselves after a while. If you can get ahold of Queen Marabella I highly recommend her.Get more detail about Barbie Mariposa Queen Doll Exclusive.

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