Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader African American Collectable Barbie Fashion Doll Get it now!

I don't know what initially drew me to this doll. I don't watch sports, I was never a cheerleader and I don't think I've ever driven through Texas, let alone visited or gone to a football game. They're just fun and flirty, and nicely done. So I bought them to add to a somewhat unfocused collection of modern fashion dolls. Though I like a variety of dolls, my main interest seems to be evening gowns of the high-end collector variety. I'm getting picky in my old age about how a fabric drapes, whether or not the scale of an accessory is right, and overall whether or not something is nicely done. So you can imagine my surprise when I picked up the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader dolls and found everything I was looking for in a collectible doll.

In fact, one area where Mattel has consistently failed miserably is in manufacturing boots for Barbie. I can't begin to tell you the kind of junk on expensive collector dolls that has passed for boots, from bright pink, ill fitting hard plastic, to regular shoes with a vinyl "sleeve" over them in a matching color, like they were hoping we wouldn't notice. The boots on these dolls are well-made and remind me of the innovations I used to see in hand-made customized dolls when I attended Barbie conventions.

The costume is well-made and Mattel doesn't seem to have skimped on anything here, though the blouse appears to be taped down in a couple of strategic places. She stays nicely on the provided "saddle" stand in spite of the shorts, and looks great in the box, which is attractive and eye-catching rather than some of the over the top packaging I've seen lately. The dolls debox rather easily, so whether you keep them in the box or take them out, this is one you'll enjoy. I got 2 so I can do both. :-)Get more detail about Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader African American Collectable Barbie Fashion Doll.

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