Purchase Barbie: Alice in Wonderland

This collector Barbie doll is a great introductory doll for a beginning collector or a budding collection (or even a more advanced collection on a budget). At this price, you get a great doll, with an amazing sculpt, a detailed dress, and a doll you just can't believe is a Barbie. Plus, she's a re-made Alice, with a tiny bit a of a bad side. She's really fun.

I bought this doll for my 8 year-old daughter's collection, and she was just thrilled. The doll includes the Cheshire cat, which is a plastic figurine as well. But by far the best part of this doll is her intricate gown, which is layers of sparkling blue ruffles. It's really fun. She is sturdy enough to be played with also, if you're careful.

I did not have a problem removing the doll from the box. Her hair was a tad bit messy (as is common with Mattel and their over-protective packaging) when she was removed from her box, but that was easily remedied with a pet hair comb. And she looks as good as new, unlike the Birthstone dolls, which simply cannot be fixed once they are removed from their boxes.

I feel like I should edit my review a bit--this is a *re-imagined* Alice, not Alice as she was originally intended. So she is on an adult model muse body. We have actually since rebodied the doll (to a Fashion Royalty body, actually), so she is more posable. That being said--she is a collector item more than a play-toy. So keep that in mind if you're considering purchasing this doll for a younger collector.Get more detail about Barbie: Alice in Wonderland.

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