Where To Buy Barbie Joan Jett Ladies of the 80s Doll

I am writing this to warn anyone about to buy this doll because I just got mine yesterday and was almost in tears when I saw it. I was so looking forward to this doll as it was backordered on the Barbie website but I actually got it early only to find out that the actual doll looks NOTHING like the one you are being sold. The whole selling point for me was that the doll looked just like Joan Jett right down to her shaggy black hair. The one I received has a long black bob, pink lipstick and for those of you who know about Barbies, the doll is actually the new high fashion model Barbie with the exotic features and lanky legs and arms with Joan Jett clothes and a white guitar. It is so horrible and now my poor boyfriend feels bad because it was supposed to be one of my Christmas presents but he noticed that it does not look like the doll he ordered for me so he showed it to me and I agreed that it looks nothing like the one being advertised. I am selling the doll tomorrow.Get more detail about Barbie Joan Jett Ladies of the 80s Doll.

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