Special Edition Polynesian Barbie Dolls of the World Collection Best Quality

I guess I am a bit biased since I am of Polynesian descent myself, but this Barbie isn't very good, especially when compared to the Princess of the Pacific Islands one that came out a few years later. I just think this one looks tacky. The flowers look cheap and aren't attached to the doll very well, and the doll herself looks too Asian, like they used the same doll that they used for the Chinese and Japanese ones from this collection (despite what some touristy pictures want you to think, most Polynesians do NOT look like that). The grass skirt easily gets wrinkled and doesn't really look that good out of the box. I was just hoping that the quality would be better since it was a "collectable" doll. This one just feels "phoned in." That is why I was so happy when they came out with the other doll several years after I got this one (I got this one for Christmas the year it came out). Get more detail about Special Edition Polynesian Barbie Dolls of the World Collection.

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