Lowest Price Barbie Collector Ethereal Princess Barbie Doll

I, also, was a bit surprised this doll didn't look more like the photos here. As stated previously, the gown was ill-fitted through the bodice, and the doll's hair was totally straight. I wound up moving the snaps on the back of her gown to make it fit more as it should, and as often I find is the case with a new Barbie, collector or otherwise, I did have to redo her hair. That can be somewhat time consuming but fairly easily done with foil-wrapped pipe cleaners and a careful 10 to 15 second's application of heat; say, a curling iron at low setting. Leaving the hair wrapped around the foil/pipe cleaners until cool (or over night) resets the curl. It's worth the effort, as this doll, as well as the 'Golden Angel' Barbie are both just beautiful!Get more detail about Barbie Collector Ethereal Princess Barbie Doll.

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