Where To Buy Barbie Debbie Harry Ladies of the 80s Doll

Don't get me wrong--I LOVE that Mattel has made a Debbie Harry doll, especially early "Plastic Letters" era Debbie! The packaging is fun with lots of pix of Debbie on the box and a GREAT out take from the "Plastic Letters" album cover sessions featuring the dress Mattel has chosen to recreate for this doll (it was designed by Debbie's late friend Anya Philips).

My only problem is the face mold is still Barbie, so it just looks like a Barbie with Debbie hair wearing a Debbie dress. Couldn't Mattel have designed a facemold specifically for this doll to match Debbie's famous bone structure--the huge cheekbones, the super wide jaw and cupid's bow mouth? It would have made the difference between a "fun" doll and a "fabulous" doll!

Still, kudos to them for immortalizing Debbie, who in her heyday was more than once referred to by journalists as a "pure punk Barbie doll." Now she really is one!Get more detail about Barbie Debbie Harry Ladies of the 80s Doll.

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