Order Barbie: Collector Juicy Couture Giftset - Gold Label

This collector Barbie set is one of the most fun we own. (My young daughters and I own a communal doll collection, and yes, we do debox all of our dolls, and they see some gentle play.) Because the box is so incredibly lovely, it was difficult to decide to debox, but both dolls are simply too pretty to leave in their boxes.

A word to the wise: This set is from 2008, and they are really a pain to debox. Their hair is especially difficult. However, if you use care, you should be able to get them out without any problems. We were able to. The box, however, has seen better days.

The two dolls are likenesses of the founders of the clothing line Juicy Couture, Pamela Skaist-Levy (the blonde, wearing the "P" charm on her necklace), and Gela Nash-Taylor (frosted brunette with the "G" charm on her necklace). I'm familiar with the clothing line, but not the designers, so I'm not sure how good of likenesses they are. I do, however, love these dolls. Both have lovely face paint (I posted close-up photos in the gallery)--very neutral and shimmery. And their accessories include lots of jewelry: bracelets, rings and earrings. Their shoes do not stay on if you remove the plastic ties from the packaging, however.

The dresses are basted on the dolls (they are not supposed to be removable). Both are made from chiffon and they are a very nice quality. Each "fur" coat includes matching black or taupe lining, which I think is a nice detail.

The set also includes a miniature perfume bottle, which my daughters really enjoy. Also, the dolls' hair was a little gelled, but not badly. The dolls are on model muse bodies, I believe (their knees do not bend); so be aware of this if you plan to give this set as a gift to a younger collector.

All in all, it's a great set and sold out most places. I notice Amazon has an excellent price--it originally retailed for $110.Get more detail about Barbie: Collector Juicy Couture Giftset - Gold Label.

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