Mattel The Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West Barbie Doll Best Quality

I call this doll the WICKED Barbie, even though she's technically from THE WIZARD OF OZ. She is much more like Elphaba than the hideous witch that always scared the crud out of me when I was little. -No crooked nose on this witchy-poo!

The pictures do not do this doll justice. With a black velvet corset, long, flowing black tulle on her [velvet] hat, a shiny satin Victorian style shirt and dress, and Mary Jane high heels, I actually envy her wardrobe! She even has a little velvet purse for her magical herbs, eyes of newt or... her black lipstick, maybe?

Her face is exquisitely beautiful, with a "Marilyn Monroe" style beauty mark rather than a mole. The only thing I am not particularly fond of his her hair. It's "fixed" in tight, ringlet curls and a "bun," so this pretty witch will never be able to let her hair down! But she's still worth 5-stars.

This doll is perfect for anyone you know who is into anything fantasy, paranormal, horror or just... beautiful and a little bit macabre or dark. Any "Goth-inclined" woman or tween would squeal with glee if ever given this darkling as a gift.

I would recommend this doll for girls/women ages 12 and up. Definitely a collector Barbie and not a toy.

At under $100, she's also WELL WORTH the "collector doll price tag."Get more detail about Mattel The Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West Barbie Doll.

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