Barbie Hot Pink Remote Control Corvette Order Now

I have a two girls, 6 and 8 years old. I purchased two of these for Christmas because they asked for monster trucks but I thought this would be a better and more girly alternative.

Next year, I will purchase the monster trucks.

You cannot use both cars at the same time because one remote will work both cars. They move at a snails pace and do not turn. Well ... If you make them go backwards, they turn, but only straight when going forward.

I see it as a problem because I wanted them both to be able to play with their cars together but now each has to take turns which isnt much fun at all, in my opinion. They just wait patiently for their turn to drive their own cars or either pretend as if theyre racing snails down the sidewalk.

Not worth the money in my opinion but the kids still like them because its pink and its a remote control car.

Like I said, next year, I get monster trucks.Get more detail about Barbie Hot Pink Remote Control Corvette.

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