Barbie Dream Dining Set - Pink Right now

My kids are four a six and really wanted this. The good part is that it has a lot of accessories and can be combined with their other Barbie play sets. They love playing with all of these toys and can spend a long time in imaginative play.

There are a few negatives. It's nearly impossible to get a doll to sit at the table. They don't fit well into the chairs and they tend to fall over. I've managed to fit two dolls across the table from eachother, but that was by cantelevering their legs under the table. The other negative is that there are a ton of tiny pieces. Again, this isn't a big deal in our house (we store all tiny pieces in a container with a lid) but might be an issue in a house with smaller children.

The girls really like this toy and play with it, in conjunction with their other sets, often.Get more detail about Barbie Dream Dining Set - Pink.

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