Barbie My Favorite Time Capsule 1962 Brunette Bubble Cut Doll Order Now

Just received my Amazon order. I simply don't understand why Mattel has to use an industrial strength plastic staple to attach the doll's head to the box. It can't ever be completely removed, and I simply don't see why Barbie's head needs to be attached to a box at all. Is it going to run away?

The face paint is lovely, but is there any earthly reason why her short hair must be shellacked within an inch of its life? Honestly!

The fake fur stole is narrower and more sparse this time around, compared to the last repro. You need to be incredibly nimble to fasten the necklace. (still haven't managed it!) The biggest disappointment are the sparkly shoes. A few years back, the first time this outfit was reproduced, the shoes were the neatest part: The glitter was actually inside the plastic, part of the shoe material, itself. So cool! Here, they just dipped the top of the shoes in gluey sparkles. It looks totally cheesey and cheap.

A real letdown.Get more detail about Barbie My Favorite Time Capsule 1962 Brunette Bubble Cut Doll.

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