Barbie Doll'd Up Nails Digital Nail Printer Top Quality

We purchased Barbie Doll'd Up Nails with much hesitancy for our daughters (ages 8 & 7). We thought, No way could this actually deliver what the commercial shows. I am very happy to admit that I was wrong. BIG TIME!

We opened the box and set up time was about the same as with any other HP InkJet printer. It comes with all necessary cables and installation software. Set up time was less than 30 minutes- including reading the instructions.

Once up and running, it took about ten minutes to thoroughly understand and execute the how to properly align the camera and the ink cartridge. (This is the most important part, and should be checked before each use)-NOT each finger, but each day you turn it on and start a session) We have only had to make adjustments one time after the initial setup.

Now, were ready to do the nails. You have to use a nail polish (included) before the printer and a clear coat sealer (also included) after to insure the designs do not rub off. This thing works like any other printer, you pick a design, either one of the 1200+ included or any JPEG image or clipart. You insert a finger, take a picture of the the finger nail with the Doll'd Up Nails, size, rotate, customize color of the image you want to print, then re-insert the finger, set it in the image of the fingernail you see on your computer screen, then hit the print button on the printer. BAM! You have "Doll'd Up Nails"!!!!

It's so easy to use, within 10-15 nails printed, my kids had it down better than me. I have not yet turned them loose to use unsupervised, but I believe they could handle it from start to finish.

Believe the claims, it really does what the commercial shows, and it does it well. We couldn't be more pleasantly surprised!Get more detail about Barbie Doll'd Up Nails Digital Nail Printer.

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