Buy Mattel Barbie Grease Girls Frenchy

Just like in the movie, Frenchy looks every inch a "beautiful blonde pineapple" in the yellow dress she wore to the Rydell High 'Dance Off' competition.

From her golden blonde "up-do" hairstyle, to the layers of fluffy yellow tulle on her dress, this doll (based on the character of Frenchy in the movie GREASE) will be an enjoyable addition to any celebrity doll or Barbie collection.

If I was to be critical, I'd point out that the facial design of the doll hardly resembles Didi Conn, the actress who played Frenchy in the movie. But all quibbles aside, she's nicely-priced at the moment, so there's no reason why 'Dance Off' Frenchy shouldn't be a part of your doll collection! The package also includes a musical dollstand for fun display.Get more detail about Mattel Barbie Grease Girls Frenchy.

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